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About Keiko


Keiko alerts you immediately by buzzer, light, voice and e-mail, in case troubles on your network are detected.

  1. Node : Down
  2. Node Manager : Detects down, Sends command to Keiko
  3. Keiko : Turns red LED on, Plays voice


Keiko has a built-in monitoring function for networks and IT devices. Therefore you do not need any other network management software. Keiko alerts almost all troubles of network devices and/or connections by buzzer, light, voice or e-mail.

Let's start with Keiko!!

  • Equipped with a simple network monitoring function
  • Up to 20 nodes and 40 SNMP Traps
  • Light: On and 2 flashing patterns
  • Buzzer: 2 different patterns
  • Voice: 20 messages available
  • E-mail: 5 destinations
  • SNMP Trap: 40 traps
  • Controlable by external commands, using RSH, SMNP, TCP.
  • Enhances the features of your Network Management Software.
  • Alerting