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Case Study 1

Independently Monitoring

Without any special network monitoring software, you can monitor the network device and system by built-in monitoring function of Keiko.

Case Study 2

Enhances network monitoring software

Keiko will turn on the lights, ring the buzzer or tell messages, which enhances the the network monitoring software.

Case Study 3

FA and logistics use

In a manufacturing plant or a production line, green light is on, which means "Normal". When troubles are detected, it changes to red which means "Attention".

Case Study 4

Inform e-mails reception around

Keiko lights, rings buzzer or tells message when you have an important e-mail on your business.

Case Study 5

Message player

Keiko can play different voice messages according to warning contents.

Case Study 6

Connects two worlds

Supporting TCP socket protocols, Keiko bridges FA world(such as PLC) and IT world(such as server).